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Delivering solutions across industries

TelWAI's cameras secure critical infrastructure, improve citizen well-being, maintain transportation hubs, and aid in the enforcement of safety and security. 

Delivering solutions across multiple markets, TelWAI operates on a per-project basis. Working directly with end-users and stakeholders, TelWAI evaluates requirements and determines what camera configuration best addresses these requirements. 

Seamlessly integrating into existing infrastructure, TelWAI's cameras are ONVIF compatible. 


As security and safety threats shift, obtaining flexible and re-deployable surveillance is key. Delivering this flexibility and scalability without the costly backend infrastructure is TelWAI's wireless AI camera. Designed to be relocated across the user infrastructure, TelWAI is positioned to detect transient security and safety risks. 



Security is integral to the safety of cargo, passengers, operators, and staff across transportation industries. 



Maintaining the security of private land and property is integral to business operations.



Video surveillance aids the police in securing the safety of citizens and enables situational awareness.

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Stadiums & Events

The smooth and safe running of stadiums and events is integral to customer satisfaction and well-being. 


Cities & Towns

Security and safety are integral to the day-to-day lives of citizens, and surveillance is integral in delivering this. 



Securing offshore sites and obtaining complete situational awareness is key to its maintenance. 

Our surveillance cameras and a team of Video Analytics experts are here to assist in securing sites and environments, no matter the challenge. 

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Network Rail

In 2020 TelWAI's parent company was tasked to deliver a stand-alone surveillance system for the detection of individuals trespassing on the end and edges of station platforms. This program led to the development of TelWAI's wireless AI-driven surveillance camera. 

Established to operate without the requirement of a closed-circuit network and main power, TelWAI's camera was developed to autonomously detect trespass events. Delivering a multifaceted solution, once a trespass detection is detected an automated PA announcement is triggered to deter the individual. In addition to this, all video and meta-data are retained for alarm reporting and future action. Having been deployed across multiple rail stations, TelWAI's camera is actively alerting station staff to the presence of individuals trespassing on train tracks. 

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